WTMJ Morning Blend, Milwaukee

I was interviewed on Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s WTMJ this morning. Watch the video here.



  • Tom Neely

    Hello, Bob! I just heard you on NPR, speaking with Dianne Rehm. You have a great voice. I will get your book Dearie. My question, though: I just got back from Liverpool, where I played drums at the Cavern Club. Great house band! And I played well (“Get Back”). I just finished reading your book The Beatles The Biography. And, I really want to know how good a drummer Pete Best was, back in 1962.

    I am qualified to judge, am a pro drummer from the right era, am about 10 years younger than the Beatles. So… in your book, you tell us about what Ron Richards said about Pete’s drumming (page 318 of the paperback). And your footnote says it is based on an interview with Mr. Richards dated 12/27/97. Can you tell me where I can read a transcript of that interview? Or, might you sent me such a transcript?

    The way you describe it in the book is very good for a non-drummer. But it is not conclusive. e.g. you refer to Pete’s LEFT foot, when you clearly mean his right foot. If I could read the actual words, I could make up my own mind. I would use this in conjunction with my own judgement based on Pete’s recorded music, e.g. his bad job on Love Me Do. (If you want to know why it was bad, from a drummer’s perspective, please ask.)

    Anyway, can you let me have that interview, or tell me how to contact Mr. Richards? I will not use it against you in any way. Please. Thanks! Tom, Grand Rapids, Michigan USA